Anyoption Review

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This Anyoption review will guide you through the main aspects of this binary options broker. Established in 2008, Anyoption is regarded by many as the pioneering broker for retail binary options trading. The Anyoption brand is owned and managed by a Cyprus based CIF called Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Limited. As a founding broker within the industry, it is not surprising to find that thousands of traders across the globe use Anyoption as their preferred binary provider. Their product is unparalleled in the arena and trading with Anyoption means trading with a sense of security.

Anyoption Platform Overview & Features

Binary Scam Sniffer   Sniffing Out Binary Options Scams

Unlike many binary brokers that you may come across in the industry today who rely heavily on white labelled platforms, Anyoption’s platform is proprietary, designed and developed in-house. The platform is simple and extremely user friendly. Looking more closely, you may notice that there are some striking similarities between Anyoption’s platform and that of the leading white label SpotOption platform. This is because the design of SpotOption was actually based on that of Anyoption’s platform.

The major motivations behind SpotOption in emulating the design of Anyoption’s platform are the ease of use and the simplicity of the latter’s platform.

Recently, Anyoption launched their mobile trading apps for iOS and Android devices on App Store and Google play.  So now real time trading is also possible with Anyoption when you are on the move.

Trade Types Offered By Anyoption

While newer binary brokers are constantly on the hunt for new ways for traders to trade binary options, Anyoption has stuck to the traditional way of trading. This may be because they want to focus on what they are good at which explains why there are just 5 different types of option contracts available at Anyoption. Even then, these types of trading contracts are just variants of the classic Up/Down binaries. The only 2 types of options contracts which differ significantly are “Binary 0-100” and “Special” option.

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Binary 0-100 is a CFTC type binary options that is currently being offered by Anyoption  alone to the European side of the Atlantic. We love the fact that it is theoretically possible to achieve a return as high as 1900% trading binary 0-100! As for Special option, this is a Bitcoin based option where you get to trade the US dollar against the value of Bitcoin. While bitcoin trading is not the exclusive purview of Anyoption, it should be noted that only a handful of binary brokers are offering Bitcoin for trading due to the extreme volatility of Bitcoin prices.

Trading Tools Offered By Anyoption

As for the trading tools offered by Anyoption, they are pretty much standard for the industry such as Roll Forward, Trend Indicator, Profit Line and Take Profit.  However, one useful feature about Anyoption’s trading platform that we like very much is the ability to control the Risk/Reward ratio for each trade. For most brokers, the risk/reward ratio is already fixed and you have no option to change them. It’s a case of “take it or leave it”.

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Unique Feature

Although Anyoption is conservative when compared to many other brokers in the industry, they are by no means behind their time. Rather than spending their resources to develop more options types and make trading more complicated and confusing, Anyoption, as we said earlier, focuses on simplicity and ease of use. Hence, it wasn’t surprising to find them as one of the first binary brokers to offer traders the use of a binary trading bot to simplify the trading process even further. With binary trading, time is always a crucial element and considering the fact that there are more than a hundred different assets a trader at Anyoption might have to evaluate at any one time, any tool which can help cut down the time and noise needed to process a trading decision is always a benefit for traders

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If you interested to test out anyoption’s trading platform, you can always open a demo account with them. And if you like what they are offering, you just need to make a small minimum initial deposit to open a live trading account.

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Being one of the oldest binary options brokers around, Anyoption has always being highly regarded by traders as a reliable and professional broker even before there was any regulatory oversight for this industry. With the introduction of regulation by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in 2012, Anyoption became one of the first brokers who submitted themselves for regulatory oversight.

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In addition Anyoption is also registered with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Being regulated mean Anyoption’s traders’ consumer rights are protected with the force of the law. Another benefit of trading with Anyoption is the fact that the broker is a member of the Investors Compensation Fund (ICF). So in the unlikely event that Anyoption goes insolvent, you are protected by up to 20,000 euros.

Anyoption Scam Rating

Complaints – 9/ 10

Our research on the internet came up with very few negative feedbacks about this broker. This is a good sign as it means they are living up to their reputation. As for the few complaints that we did come across, they are to be expected since it is virtually impossible to please everyone all the time.

Bonuses – 7/10

Bonuses are not a big thing at Anyoption and they are not advertised openly. Although this broker does offer deposit bonuses for new account holders, they vary according to the promotion that Anyoption is having at the particular time. To find out more about the bonus currently being offered, you need to get in touch with customer support. And like most brokers, Anyoption also require that you meet a certain trading volume before you can withdraw on the bonus claimed. Normally, the volume required is 15 times the bonus amount.

Although information about bonuses is not openly available, we like the fact that they don’t want traders to focus on the bonuses offered as an inducement to sign up with them. Given the amount of complaints that traders have made about deceptive bonus offers in general, we think this is good move on Anyoption’s part so we will give it a 7 point score.

Customer Care – 9 / 10

Our experience with customer support services at Anyoption were quite positive. Emails were promptly replied within 24 hours and we faced no difficulty in getting in touch with a support representative on live chat. As for the telephone support, we were quite impressive with the professionalism of the multi-lingual staffs. The fact that Anyoption also provided several localized support numbers for traders seems to indicate that they do care about the cost of communicating with them. Our only complaint is that the live telephone support service is not 24/7 and for that gives them a score rating of 9 instead of a perfect 10.

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Price Manipulation – 10/10

Anyoption uses a live price feed from Reuters for their charts. We evaluated the opening prices as well as the expiry prices and are satisfied that they did not manipulate the prices. Here, they scored a perfect 10.

Security – 10/10

Anyoption take very seriously the integrity of their clients’ personal information. All their web traffic is encrypted with SSL encryption and they also ensure that their SSL cert is kept up to date. For their efforts, they managed to score 10 in this area.


With a cumulative score of 45 out of 50, we can conclude that Anyoption is a legitimate broker that lives up to its reputation as a professional binary broker. Their high score helps to instill confidence in anyone who wants to trade binary options with them. Their long history of treating their clients fairly is also another plus point for them. After taking everything into consideration, we have no qualms in recommending this broker.